Hi everyone, while we have had some time and a new set of eyes we have been busy working on our website getting rid of our old photos and adjusting our listings. We think it is looking fabulous with all of our new items on display.

To try to make ordering quicker and easier we have separated our box option listings, so instead of clicking into the product to choose if you would like to buy an item singularly or in a box or whatever it may be, we now have them seperate so all you need to do from the product listing page is press add to cart below the option you would like.

So don’t worry if you keep seeing multiple of the same photo, as you can see below it clearly states on the listing how many are in the box. We have made it so the same product listings in different quantities will appear right next to each other.

If there is not a box that just means the product is sold singularly.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any issues or if you would prefer we revert back to the having the box options as one listing.